Your World Will Change…

Life By Numbers - Behind the Scenes with Brian Grasso and Steve FedallinNext Sunday, November 13, my life will change immeasurably.


And so will yours; a statement I can make with complete and utter audacious honesty.


6 days from now, at precisely 12:00am (EST), my short film “Life By Numbers” will be released to the world.


Over the course of this week, you will see video and written tributes from people all over the world who have pre-screened my short epic.


All 100% authentic and very real.


You will see them say things like “… that was 14 minutes of the deepest self-reflection I have ever experienced”.


“Life By Numbers is provoking, haunting, thoughtful, insightful and absolutely mind-blowing”


“It’s brilliant, powerful, beautiful and has been the most life-changing moment of my life”


But the honest, candid truth is that this production has changed MY life more than I believe it could ever alter the course of anyone else’s.


I was ostensibly successful.


Founder and CEO of a maverick corporation in the Fitness & Sport Training world.


Worldwide guest lecturer and published author.


Trainer to Olympic Gold Medallists, professional athletes and National Team competitors.


But a deep longing to do, see and become more bit at me in a constant, relentless manner; baiting me into challenge.


So, I free-fell.  Into a place I had never before gone….


To develop something of iconic consequence.


To create a gift for the world that would transcend time and survive long passed me.


To establish a literal cult-classic that would be received, remembered and revered for us now; and generations to follow.


At 3am one bitterly cold fall morning in September 2010, I ventured into the heart of Chicago; a city whose blockbuster grandness echos awe as the sun crests over Lake Michigan.


Intent on capturing a city as it awoke.


Raw, human emotion as it glided absently through the rote patterns we’ve all learned to accept as ‘life’.


The common stroke of comformity and anti-authentic connection.


What was my calling came to climax as a 14 minute film and christened “Life By Numbers”.


The type of soul-searching you have been looking for.


The wake-up call you’ve been longing for.


In truth, I simple wanted to document what I believe; in an artful way….


The fact it will become a generational and worldwide classic is nothing more than the inevitable fallout that happens when you pursue with convicted purpose.


Sunday November 13.  12:00am (EST).


And yes, with Audacity, I will ask you to be a Nexus.

Watch the film.


Become stunnded, amazed, scared and inspired.


And then, help us spread the message that our planet most certainly needs.


Be Audacious; Change the World.



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About Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso has enjoyed a diverse and successful life. Former CEO for one of the largest and most internationally-acclaimed organizations within the fitness and sport industry, Brian has been profiled in esteemed media centers such as Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, ABC News, Men’s Health and Web MD. Read More about BG


  1. I am honored to be a part of this and can’t wait to forge down this path with you. To my mentor, my friend, my brother, my soul on this journey, Here’s to changing the world. I can’t wait to see the butterfly effect. JLC

  2. Sheryl Lambert says:

    This is fantastic and for you to give up your comfort zone of already being successful is amazing to me. I am so happy for you and that your passion is driven by everyone else’s passions. I’m happy that you have found your true calling and God is speaking through you to get the word out. If you had longer hair and a beard I might mistake you for Jesus Christ himself:) I can’t imagine how high you are feeling.

  3. Claus Schiko says:

    I have never been feeling so wonderfully weird when I read this. I cant say what it is, but its like that first date, or that first christmas present. I am sure this will change my world. I have no idea how, but I am sure it will. Once in a lifetime these moments come along. Will we be heroes and grab the moment, or will we forever be stuck? We will soon find out.

    Brian my brother, thank you for your open and free mind…

  4. Brian Grasso says:

    I am so grateful for each of your comments. Jen, Sheryl and Claus…. You are all WONDERFUL souls and this journey would simply feel incomplete without you. Truly and so sincerely. I have valued every comment, personal message, phone call… Everything we’ve shared thus far. And, my friend, we have only just begun! Much love and undying respect to you all…. BG

  5. John Hall says:

    Brian, I have always admired your inner peace. I am intrigued and longing for new ways to search the inner depths of my soul and purpose. I look forward to your film!

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thank you so sincerely, John. I have been a huge fan of yours from sometime… Honored that you took the time to post here. Much love and respect, my brother… BG

  6. Mike Howard says:

    Brian – this is a game-changer.. plain and simple. To have had the opportunity to see this new chapter in your life unfold makes me proud beyond words. I am so excited for this release and pround to know you.

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Brother… The pride is mutual. Who you’ve become is outstanding (although, in College, you already were). You have been an incredible friend and brother – I cannot thank you enough…. BG

  7. Ed White says:

    Looking forward to viewing “Life By Numbers” on November 13. I am ready to become the change I want to see in the world.

  8. Brian Grasso says:

    That is absolutely beautiful, Ed… Thank you so much – I adore your energy!!