The Texture of Life [video]

It is the Renegade who creates the flavor…

Be Audacious; Change the World.


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Brian Grasso has enjoyed a diverse and successful life. Former CEO for one of the largest and most internationally-acclaimed organizations within the fitness and sport industry, Brian has been profiled in esteemed media centers such as Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, ABC News, Men’s Health and Web MD. Read More about BG


  1. Mike says:

    That’s a great piece of work. Some things are done so well – I am commentless :)

    Great message

    Great video too!

    Have a life changing day

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      We were a little speechless ourselves after creating it, Mike…. Thank you, my brother. BG

  2. Mike says:

    Communicating with sound, pictures and video is so much more effective because it has an affect on all of the senses. For the reader or listener or watcher (LOL) you can sit back and take it in.

    Just more meaning in message.

    Oh – did I say no comment? :- O

    Have a great one brother!

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Our version of art, my brother! Sawubona & Blessings, friend… BG

  3. Rachel Roberts says:

    I just love this video. It speaks to me that I am a lonely leaf traveling on a breeze as I find my place and slowly discover myself on my journey of life. Fear and being that lonely leaf are things that I struggle with. But I know it is a journey that is filled with many emotions and something I need to follow with all my heart to get to where I want to be. Thank you.

    Much love <3

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Beautiful comment, Rachel…. But you aren’t alone; “FTR Nation” is standing with you – always. Freethinking Renegades united, forever…. <3 BG

  4. Omar says:

    today I woke up feeling not so good (physically), I loaded the video but didn’t watch it until now, because I wanted to feel better to enjoy it … silly me, I think I may have felt better if I watched it right away

    you guys are doing magic, the message, the images, the music… and how it all flows together, simply beautiful!

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thank you so sincerely, Omar. It is an honor to bring this type of art to the world. I trust you are feeling better now?…. <3 BG

      1. Omar says:

        yes! it was low blood sugar I think, I feel so much better now, I will now read your new post about money

        I will continue to thank you for all your incredible videos, posts and thoughts <3

        1. Brian Grasso says:

          And I will continue to thank you for reading, my friend! BG

  5. Smithjam says:

    I like the reference of texture and flavor. Nice!

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thanks Smith-Jammer!

  6. steph says:

    Wow, beautiful images, beautiful message. Thank you so much. I’m glad this came through my e-mail, as I’m taking a moment away from FB. Holidays suddenly hit me in the face, it’s very difficult. I lost my brother/best friend the night before Mothers Day of a tragic motorcycle accident. It was 15 miles from my parents house who I was visiting. I had to go to the scene with my dad(mom has COPD and on oxygen), we did not know what we were pulling up to. I saw my brother in a way I never should have, I saw my fathers heart completly fall upon the pavement. I held my brothers still warm hand and said goodbye. We then had to come back and tell my mom. I posted something on my page about him and gave holiday wishes to all. Happy holidays to you, Brian. If you want go to my page and take a look. In one year I helped him loose almost 100 pounds, through diet, excercise and me as an example of a healthy lifestyle. Heartfelt love, Steph

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      What a beautiful comment, Steph. I am literally speechless…. You are a gorgeous soul. Lean on “FTR Nation” – we won’t ever let you fall. Thank you so much for posting this. <3 BG