The Secret of Self-Reflection – Part 1

The Secret of Self-Reflection - Part 1Through the mystery of candle light, I could see Carrie’s shimmering eyes dancing with acknowledgement.

Whispering in the shadows and encouraging me to keep pressing.

I was verbally thinking; as I often do.

A darkened room, softly illumed by wispy flickers and smelling of gentle lavender – my ideal setting to talk aloud when I feel an internal tugging to better understand a thought that has been circling my brain for any length of time.

And of course, Carrie; ever the receptive ear.

The plush, jersey-cotton fabric of my couch held me warmly.

“Success is evasive for so many”, I began delving into my thoughts.

“Why? And how can I help them better understand the journey?”

The question had been patrolling my mind for 48 hours.

It’s not that I think myself more successful than others.

And certainly not anymore talented, deserving or uniquely gifted in any way.

Brilliance lives in us all.

Greatness drinks from the vast rivers that flow through every man, woman and child in the kingdom of humankind.

But much of my success has come in what could best be described as effortless.

A natural journey.

“Natural” I heard myself say audibly

I continued the short-phrased brainstorm to the music of Carrie’s amused gazes…

“Path of least resistance”


“Order and evolution”



Like a wave crashing the shore, my out-loud brain dump lead to the predictable epiphany like they so often do.

A subtle, but profound secret to success; one that I had employed for many years without realizing it…

The Art of Self-Reflection.


Come back tomorrow for ‘Part 2’….



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    Holding a mirror to the soul …

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