The Secret of Self-Reflection – Part 2

The Secret of Self-Reflection - Part 2

In The Secret of Self-Reflection – Part 1 I revealed the epiphany I had, which led me to really understand the “Art of Self-Reflection” as an essential key to recognizing success.

So, part 2 of “The Secret of Self-Reflection” is:


The ability to both assess and acknowledge, quite simply, when you are in line with the universal source energy of true happiness and fulfillment

Distilled down even farther; what feels good.

I believe that ‘success’ is a matter of personal definition.

To some, it is the acquisition of material objects.

To others, the purpose of working towards or within a cause of great importance.

I hold no judgement on how you define success for yourself; but the truest and most plain spoken method of expressing a successful life, is the ability to say you are sincerely and authentically happy and fulfilled.

In that, your career or working life cannot be viewed as the necessary evil which brings you ‘success’; nor can any part of your career.

The conduit you disdain or feel in disagreement with, but endure and tolerate because of the material success it allows you to purchase.

Success is a place; very much an oasis that permeates your every breath.

And in the interest of adding practicality to this otherwise philosophical prose, that which you do not soulfully agree with must be exiled from your plate.

If it does not ‘feel’ good, don’t do it.

If it causes you stress, strain or burden, outsource it.

But there is a much bigger reality to consider…

Do you even know what it feels like to be in pure joy for a full day?

Most do not.

We have grown into a ‘tolerate’ society.

A culture which has come to believe through conditioning that ‘necessary evil’ is an axiom that cannot be escaped.

And of course, I disagree…


‘Part 3’ (the conclusion and your own personal ‘answer’) tomorrow…



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  1. Omar says:

    I recently realized that one someone asks you “what you’ve been up to?” and you answer “nothing new, just work” … many people say “I know, but what can we do, is just the way it is”.

    It’s sad how we’ve come to accept life as nothing more than work and 1 or 2 trips per year, 1 hour or less per day on our hobbies (because we are so tired after 8 hours of working in something that we dont really like). I think we accept it because we have also accepted an universal definition of success, big house/new car/six figures per year, and we pursue it without stopping to think if that’s really OUR OWN definition of success.

    I’d rather ride a bike to work if that “work” is something that inspires me to get up in the morning, than drive a new car to work in something unspiring.

    Cant wait for the next post! Amazing as always Brian =)

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Great comments, Omar! It comes down to self-reflection. People ‘accept’ the societal definition of success because they choose not to or are too afraid to look inward at what they truly want. I go back to what I wrote in a different message…. EVERYONE has ‘money and things’ on their “To Do While Alive” list; but NO ONE has ‘money and things’ on their “Bucket List of Things I Want Before I Die” – and I find that to be an astonishing issue that no one ever seems to realize. Much love, my brother…. BG

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