The FTR Creed … Do, See & Be Extraordinary

Be Audacious; Change the World.


P.S.  It would be awesome to get your Renegade style feedback about this video post.  Let’s engage in the comments below.

About Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso has enjoyed a diverse and successful life. Former CEO for one of the largest and most internationally-acclaimed organizations within the fitness and sport industry, Brian has been profiled in esteemed media centers such as Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, ABC News, Men’s Health and Web MD. Read More about BG


  1. I’m IN! I have never connected to a feeling like I have reading and watching this. I feel I am called. Brian, you have moved me many times with your words before, this is deeper though. this is tugging at my inner self wanting to break free. thank you. count me in.

    1. briangrasso says:

      That means the WORLD ot me, Jen!!! I am floored and speechless!!! Do me a favor, if you haven’t already, watch the “About Us’ video in the top right corner of this page, as well….

      1. I did that immediately the first time I saw it. I have been waiting…. waiting for this to come. I had no idea for years what it was….. but now it’s here. And I get to be a part of it. I always knew I would find it. I have so much to give. So many things have come and gone, so many people with the new great thing. Mastermind groups, marketing ploys, selling…. selling. Selling. This is what I was waiting for. A way to use my gifts. I don’t want to buy anything. I want to change lives. I need a group of people who want the same thing. And actually do it. I am so ready to live the life I have imagined. I am ready to be greater than myself. I am ready to find ME.

        1. briangrasso says:

          I ADORE your passion and purposeful drive, Jen…..

  2. Steve Cork says:

    I love that it’s another call to action! This reaches inside and raises the heart rate because the message is deep and exciting.

    Thinking along these lines is easy and has a certain ‘feel good’ to it (i’m guilty of doing this a lot), but action is congruent and truly audacious!

    1. briangrasso says:

      INaction is the purge of mankind. Truly. I know HUNDREDS of people who have spark and inspiration within in… I know only a handful who ACT on what they feel. I love and agree with your comments, Steve!

  3. Lucy Hendricks says:

    This one is my favorite one so far! I’m very excited for FTR nation! We are going to change the world!

    Many people have let their dreams go and have settled for less. It’s time to follow our dreams and be audacious!!

    1. briangrasso says:

      You nailed it, Lucy! People ‘settle’…. ALL THE TIME. And in many ways, they often don’t even realize it. Audacity is the key……

  4. Robin says:

    I’ll be watching and doing. Let’s see what you’ve got.

  5. Vince says:

    Sick video and message! The world is so ready for this…Looking forward to the growth of the FTR Nation:) People have no idea what’s coming…The GUT tells ALL!!!

    1. Carrie Campbell says:

      “The GUT tells ALL” love this Vince…I am a true believer in listening to your gut it never lies.

    2. briangrasso says:

      Beautiful brother…. It’s so easy to sound self-important at a time like this, but FTR Nation has NOTHING to do with me. So I say in complete candor and humility…. YES – the world IS ready for this. Starving actually…..

  6. Tom Nasshan says:

    Audacious message–as always. I am tired of just being satisfied and in the FTR Nation there is a driving force to ACT.

    1. briangrasso says:

      Beautifully written, Tom…. Too many wander through life ‘satisfied’… FULFILLED is tremendously different! That difference is action….

  7. Charlie says:

    Brian, I really appreciate what you’re doing with FTR. As I’m stepping it up with my business it’s very easy to always be “on” and reading things related to work and fitness and drift towards being one dimensional. It’s also easy to allow my “work personality” to drift too far from who I really am when what people want is authenticity. Thank you.

    1. briangrasso says:

      Absolutely Charlie…. AUTHENTICITY is what matters most. To other peopl; yes. But to YOURSELF more.

      Myopic-nature is in all of us. I’ve been guilty many times in my life of that. I’m so glad your allowing the FTR Nation into your sightlines….. Please, keep watching and contributing!

  8. Brandon Campbell says:

    The paved road is not for me. I’ve always felt out of place when I’ve been drawn back to it by people around me and I am so happy to have found a group that is more comfortable blazing their own trails. Free Thinking Renegades are the only people capable of truly changing our world in a positive way because everyone else is seeking a “comfortable” existence and the conformity that comes along with it.

    FTR NATION IS DIFFERENT! We stand out and we stand up for what we believe in! The spark is within all of us and the FTR Nation will have a way of fueling that spark in a way it’s never experienced before allowing for the creation of an audacious and unstoppable inferno that will change all of those who embrace it’s warmth.

    1. Brandon, I feel compelled to speak to this. I was moved by your words. I, too, hated the box… the lines, the need to be something I am not to please others. For years I have floundered, struggled, succeeded and floundered again. I have done big things, And still… haven’t felt satisfied and whole. I need something really big to become what makes me satisfy the hunger. We talk about how much the world needs this… But the truth is…. I need this. Whatever I am about to do, I am ready. I am ready to grab onto those around me and start this journey. Rock on!

      1. briangrasso says:

        Both of you are brilliant…..

        Jen – you are the world. We all are. We CANNOT fulfill our promised potential until we ARE fulfilled.

        We cannot CHANGE the world until we create INTERNAL change.

        You have grasped the whole movement of FTR more clearly than others, it seems.

        Business tips, marketing lessons, lead capture systems…. All fine stuff. But it keeps us SMALL. We must grow into our greatness and re-define our compass. Changing the world is a matter of first looking inside….

        1. Crazy how I just saw this…. I was going back through all of the posts here on your site. and wow…. this just moved me so much. Thanks Brian. I am grasping on. I love what I am feeling.

  9. milton epps says:

    still trying to get my head around all of this…but i am moved by the videos and by the comments here…for years i have realized that just existing is not the answer…yet alone could see no possibility of positive change,then after meeting both Brian & Carrie…and being introduced to FTR…the dense fog slowly lifted …clarity prevailed …things are starting to make sense..(hold a twig in your is brittle..weak..fragile…then tightly bind 20 twigs together…strength..&..power…this is family)…and that is how i see FTR…boldly and bravely united in common pursuit our dreams our thoughts and our aspirations for a better self.

    1. briangrasso says:

      I adore that you commented, Milton. I adore even more what you said (it means the world to me).

      Yes…. You are dead-on what this movement is about. No mystics, no magic, no guru-worship – just a worldwide collection of people seeking clarity and fulfillment. Where FTR Nation becomes their spark, catalyst and global family of support.

      Just WAIT until you see what we have coming down the pipe!

      Thank you so much for offering these incredible words.

    2. Carrie Campbell says:

      Milton…I absolutely adore and love you!! I feel blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for this comment…and seeing FTR for what is is. :)

  10. CindyMac says:

    Lovin it so far….let us know when that book comes out….I’m all for thinking outside the box – hell – throw the box out and let’s avoid any boundaries!

    1. briangrasso says:

      Love it, Cindy!!!

      Book comes out in April 2012 :)

      Thanks for chiming in…. Keep doing that!

  11. Awesome stuff! An aching to be better. Love it.

    See….. do…….create….the extraordinary

    Totally agree with the comments above that it is for more action. Let’s go!

    rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    1. briangrasso says:

      Stick around, Mike…. I have a feeling you’re going to be a large part of the “FTR Nation”!

  12. Sam says:

    Hi I don’t normally join in on internet discusssions so this a first. Your sentiments are mine entirely. I have spent a life time thinking out of the box and being ‘in front’ of everyone on product design etc. but always I get the feeling that I am a guinea pig being watched by bigger predators waiting to pounce when these projects are ready to go to market. It is as if there is a force working in the background able to ‘rock the boat’ at will.

    Don’t listen to the detractors because it is they who don’t have the balls to go it alone and their deep down resentment unfortunately is representative of the middle class decision makers throughout the banking and accountancy sectors.

    Going forward as a group will help this situation but remember this ” It is OK to jump on the back of a tiger but make sure that you have no reason to want to get off it”

    Best of luck to you at FTR Nation

    1. briangrasso says:

      Thank you for your thoughts, Sam! As a lifelong maverick who constantly sat (and continues to sit) 3 steps to the side of ‘normal’, I understand and can relate to your words. Truly appreciate you taking the time to chime in! Be well…. BG

  13. Andrew says:

    Before I saw this I was contemplating motivation. I thought you might appreciate it. I wrote this then I saw your video:

    “Awake you. Rise up and fight. Ready your weapons.
    Your sword is sharp. Ready your horse.
    Prepare for Battle.

    For what do you fight?
    And for whom?
    Is your cause just?
    And your motivation pure?

    Guard yourself, warrior. Harden your fist.
    Put on your armor. Stand Firm.
    Do not waver.

    March, young warrior. Put your feet to straight path.
    Do not wander. Set your gaze.
    Lead your heart, follow God’s.”

    The culture you are creating describes exactly what I feel drawn to everyday.

  14. briangrasso says:

    Beautiful Andrew… Thank you sincerely for sharing. Welcome to “FTR Nation”, my brother…..

  15. Hi Brian,

    amazing stuff! I have always known I was different. From being young I knew I did not think in the same way as most of the people that surrounded me, but, because of my immediate environment I never understood what it meant. I just thougt there was something wrong with me. This then progressed into my teeenage years but manifested itself via very lost, confused and troubling behaviour. Taking drugs, selling drugs, making very bad choices, all in all, total rebellion against verything that had come before. But the rebellion didint end in anything gainful and the behaviour from my teenage years was just compounded by more bad choices that lead me into my 20′s in bad shape for adulthood. My journey from then to now has been hard and at times harrowing enough to make me even doubt I should carry on living. BUT!! I am now entering the most exciting phase of my life and everything that has become before now was just a lesson that the universe needed me to learn. I am capable of great things and no longer will I let anyone tear that vision down through their own self interest, jealousy or lack of inner vision for a better world for themselves or anyone else.Your passion and vision is infectious and seems parrallel to my own energy and that my friend is a rare ting to find. Most people are dead inside and I for one intend to stay awake. I am more than prepapred for the trials and joys ahead of me and wish my life to be a legacy of change and vision and I have a feeling that FTR Nation wil be a great strength and inspiration to me, we are gonna change the world, it needs this so much! Much love to everyone who reads this.xxxx

    1. briangrasso says:

      I LOVE this, Katie! Thank you so much for being part of the “FTR Nation” family. I adored your insight and agree…. Most people are dead. Our goal is to re-awaken mankind. You are an incredibly important part of our global family and I am thrilled to have you on board!

  16. Jennie HK says:

    Love it, love it, love it – such perfect timing. A couple of months ago I reached exhaustion with trying to work it all out, the marketing, the systems, the latest ‘must do thing’ to make it. Finally took time out. And today it smacked me round the chops to realise that everything I am seeking I already have and in fact always have had – but in a way it has felt too easy, that I was just lucky to have had the people and opportunities in my life – but you make your own luck. I am hugely grateful to be surrounded by love, health, travel, kids – fulfilling all my highest values and been ‘given’ everything I have truly asked for from the universe. I just hadn’t realised it – blinkered by trying to be ‘successful’ – but successful by someone else’s definition?? It’s so liberating to understand this, and leaves me perfectly placed to understand your audacious message. Now I can stop being self focused, stop worrying about how much money I have or haven’t made because I have everything I need. My dissatisfaction can blossom into my desire to help others learn how to change their own lives – which is a much more powerful driving force for me. Phew – yay to that and to FTR Nation.

  17. Brian Grasso says:

    AWESOME Jennie!!! Breathtaking message…. I am truly on fire after reading about your epiphany! Life is a beautiful journey; let’s just rejoice in what we have and embark on great visions for what we CAN do… Not what we feel we must!! Many blessings to you and WELCOME to the “FTR Nation” Family…. BG

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