Self-Fulfilling Prophecy & Expectations

What you think you will get is exactly what you WILL get:

Even as an adult watching this video you may still be carrying those expectations that were placed on you as a younger adult or teenager. You ARE self-fulfilling every day based on how you think about yourself.

If you are not truly fulfilled and authentically happy then I encourage you to:

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Ignore the Rules; Inspire the Extraordinary Within



About Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso has enjoyed a diverse and successful life. Former CEO for one of the largest and most internationally-acclaimed organizations within the fitness and sport industry, Brian has been profiled in esteemed media centers such as Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, ABC News, Men’s Health and Web MD. Read More about BG


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  1. Mike says:

    This makes so much sense…Sometimes we literally have to reprogram our minds from what others have told us. Easy? No. But possible? Yes.

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      And the earlier we can help do this for people, the better….. BG

  2. Elyse Jarard says:

    You are doing such great things with your life! And helping more and more kids and adults to shine through all the crap that has been fed to us for too long! thanks for being a bright light and calling people out to achieve their unlimited potential.

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thank YOU so very sincerely, Elyse! Your comment meant the world to me… Seriously. What a beautiful message to receive. And I have received it well, my love. Thank you again…. BG