How to Change the World in 19 Days

How to Change the World in 19 DaysI wrote “Life By Numbers” in one night; 4-hours to be exact.

The concept of chronicling life through a series of number-based calculations combined with a litany of fairly accurate guesses, hit me one Friday evening in 2010.

I had been going through a ‘Man Versus Wild’ phase at the time – watching Bear Grills defy jungles, mountains and rainforests had become my unplugging escape de jour (for the record, Cosby Show, Family Ties, Making the Band, Facts of Life, The West Wing, True Blood, The Sopranos and Discovery Channel Documentaries have all been unplugging mediums through the years, also…. Judge me as you will).

Bored of Bear’s escapades in the Canadian Rockies, I decided to sit back and just think about life for a while….

The lightning fast way it passes us by.

The casual affection we carry for the moments we’re in and the scapegoat use of ‘tomorrow’ as our never-ceasing excuse to not pursue our dreams.

How the stress of today will amount to little more than a fleeting memory when ‘regret’ is the final thought circling our brains; and yet how it leaves us paralyzed into non-action while we still have the time to actually do what it is we want.

The beautiful journey we have all been blessed to take; and the fact so many of us fail miserably with the opportunities we’re presented.

It took me 4-hours to write the entire piece.

Next time someone tells you that the road is too tough to travel, the trek far too arduous or the obstacles impassable, remember my 4-hour experience that Friday night in August of 2010.

“Life By Numbers” has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Caused them to reflect and ponder.

More still, forced them into urgent action.

Altering the world isn’t as hard as that little voice in your head is telling you it will be.

But you won’t ever know until you get started.

Be Audacious; Change the World.




P.S. – “Life By Numbers” was also filmed in one day (8-hours to be exact).  The editing process took two weeks and the post-productive finalization another 4-days after that.

I’d never written, filmed or produced a movie in my life.

But it took me a grand total of 19 days…..

What are you waiting for?

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  1. BG this is a great message, when one focusses and engages their mind properly, there is nothing that they cannot accomplish!!!
    I completed my website within a day and now am going to make it public today, Life By Numbers has changed my life and inspired me beyond measure!!

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      I love your comment, Tom, and find myself sitting here feeling so incredibly proud of you. Many congrats my friend. Be sure to put the URL to your new site here so the “FTR Nation” at large can have a look. If I can ever help at all, please let me know, my brother! BG

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Brian,

    I came across LBN last week, what would seem like by “accident” However, it doesn’t seem like an accident now. After spending 20 years in corporate America and always wanting to get out, I finally made that decision 2 weeks ago. What was I waiting for? I had plenty of money put away. The timing was right. I knew how much that way of life was just killing my soul. Watching LBN reinforced my decision. It came at the right time

    But it’s more than that. It was when I watched the last part where you say and then, you “fade to black” and are gone. That was a real wake up call for me. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and wonder who I could have been or what I could have done. Today, I pledge to live my life to the fullest. Thank you for writing the movie. It really has changed my life.


    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Mike…. I wouldn’t even know where to start with your message. I am grateful and appreciative that you ‘found’ Life By Numbers. But much more than that, I am overjoyed and so very happy at your decision to LIVE. You are a true hero and Renegade, my freind. I didn’t change your life, brother…. I was a catalyst at best – YOU decided to create the change. Own that and realize how you just stepped into the 1% of those living “Our Way”. Many, many congrats, brother. – BG

  3. Thanks for being an inspiration BG and part of the 11% it will take to change our world.

  4. Brian Grasso says:

    Thank YOU, Joe!!! Truly appreciate your kind words and help. Looking forward to connecting, my friend! BG