FTR Nation: Our ‘You Decide’ Policy

Your comfort is important to us.

We couldn’t possibly carry the mantra of “Feel Good” if we didn’t live by the standards we have set out for you.

On Sunday, November 13th, “Life By Numbers” goes live.

A worldwide release of the soon-to-be cult classic short film that will transform lives.

And this is how easy we intend to make it for you to join this international phenomena:


Be Audacious; Change the World.


P.S.  “Life By Numbers” will be released this Sunday, November 13th,
right here:  Life By Numbers Movie

About Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso has enjoyed a diverse and successful life. Former CEO for one of the largest and most internationally-acclaimed organizations within the fitness and sport industry, Brian has been profiled in esteemed media centers such as Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, ABC News, Men’s Health and Web MD. Read More about BG


  1. Great stuff Brian and everyone at FTR!

    I love the transparency and doing what is right and ethical.

    Looking forward to more!

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thank you, Mike… So sincerely. The journey has been epic thus far; and we’ve only just begun!

  2. Erik Rokeach says:

    Whoa Brian,

    Talk about transparency. This is awesome. I absolutely love the idea man. I’m glad that you’re being totally different and not afraid to do something like this. Kudos to you and everyone involved in the FTR nation. This is going to be huge.

    1. Brian Grasso says:

      Thank you, brother…. Truly appreciate you taking the time to write that. It means a lot, Erik and I’m looking forward to doing more work with you in the future… BG